A Sociological Study of Transgression of Basic Guarded Rights of Transgenders & Hurdles In Finding Their Gender Identity In Socio-Cultural Context ( A case study of segregated localities of Multan)


  • Hina Aslam Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Pakistan
  • Saima Munir The Women University, Multan


transgender guarded rights, socio-cultural problems, social exclusion of trans, gender identity


This article deals with the study of the problems faced by transgenders, in regards of their guarded rights being transgressed,both from the familial and socio-cultural context. This study is amid, to explore socio-cultural behavior of individuals who surround a trans either from his/her family or society. Questions have already emerged about sociological problems and cultural adjustment as a human being and its related casual factor related to a transgender. It is one of the emerging issues of our society that directly influences the identity of those people who are facing gender disapproval from their surroundings. This research work tried to discover the factors that influence the discrimination faced generally and particularly by trans. The article reveals the social and cultural norms that stigmatize socio-cultural exclusion of trans human beings from the society and how continuous banishment from society makes their life more tough after being rejected from their home/family. The present study analyzed the continuous deprivation of trans people rights from family to community having no secure rights of education, health and professional life conducting interviews from a group of trans residing in segregated areas of Multan, Pakistan. The findings also revealed the consequences of banishment, throws their life away from mainstream of a life a normal human being must have.  The data in this paper has been collected by using qualitative research technique with participant observation and in-depth interviews.