Significance of Women Education in the Process of Social Evolution


  • Fatima Ali



Education, Women empowerment, Society, Culture


Women education is enduring many blistering issues including the gender inequality, religious factors, conservative approach and patriarchy in Pakistan. It is understandable that education is external and always imposes from the outer world. The main concern of this research paper is that through the improvement of women’s education, one can command over the hurdles of society and eliminate the social evils in Pakistan. Females direct involves in the process of socialization of children, they are playing a vital role in this regard of promoting peace in society. As well as the ignorance of ratio of women over men leads towards the deprivation and crisis of system when majority of population is not given education facility equally how we can develop socio-economically. To regulate the social behaviors, the promotion of women’s education is essential to be improved. Improving women’s educational level has always been exhibited clearly the impacts not only economical but also health of the future of youth, which obviously influences the entire community. Another advantage of promotion of female education is they can assist the males economically because the education also provides the earning opportunities to the people if females will be educated they will have access over job opportunities. This is co-relational study between two major variables civilization and women education while using deductive research approach. Obvious fact is that all civilized and developed countries bestowed the importance of women’s education.



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