Mughal Men’s Head Ornaments with an Emphasize on Turban Ornaments and their Connection with European Aigrette


  • Muhammad Ahsan Bilal University of Punjab, Lahore
  • Sonia Nasir Khan The Women University, Multan



Turban, Ornament, Mughals, Culture, Development


Jewelry is main aspect of dressing and Mughal Jewelry is a fascinating theme to explore. Its styles can be traced through the paintings that clearly give accurate information of the style and variety of ornaments that were used during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. Jewelry is considered the feminine adornment part but miniature shows the beautiful ornamentation of Mughal emperors also with variation in sizes and design. This article discusses the Mughal male head ornaments and study is focused on the turban ornamentations. As man’s turban is his sacrosanct property and variety of turban ornaments were used by Mughals. This paper is an attempt to understand and examine that how the Mughal turban ornament develops from simple feather to piece of complex jewelry designs and how other culture helps in its development. Why Mughal emperors worn such gemstones in headdress and which techniques were used for its decoration? Is there any specific reason of using such gemstones or just for ornamentations purposes? In the end it concludes that sarpech shapes helps in the development of European aigrette and became a part of European jewelry that later helped in the modification of turban ornaments and Euro-Indian sarpech-aigrette appeared with more delicate style.