Post –Modern Trends of Historiography in Pakistan


  • Sumaira Mahboob The Women University, Multan
  • Asmat Naz The Women University, Multan



Historiography, Post –Modern, Pakistan


The name of Pakistani historians I.H. Qureshi, K.K.Aziz and Ayesha Jallal are highly praised for their work on the history of Pakistan. They adopted different research patterns for their research and introduced the new directions for historiography. The research methodology of each is different to other. The work of I. H. Qurushi consider the authentic source of Pakistani historiography but K.K. Aziz criticized the work of former author and believes that Pakistani classic research work and text books are full of wrong information and do not provide the reasonable and rational guidance to the new generation. But Ayesh Jallal the new famous and appreciated Pakistani historian took the next step in the field of historiography and introduced the method of focusing on the factors which forced the circumstances to shift interests and make history different. They contributed well to improve the Pakistani writing style and make Pakistani historiography up to date so that it will compete the worldwide history works.

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Sumaira Mahboob, The Women University, Multan

Department of History & Pakistan Studies



Asmat Naz, The Women University, Multan

Professor (Rtd.)

Department of History & Pakistan Studies





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