A Historical and Econometric Analysis of Energy Consumption and Industrial Output in Pakistan (1990-2019)


  • Muhammad Umair Emerson University Multan
  • Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh   Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan
  • Kashif Saeed              The Islamia university of Bahawalpur




Energy Consumption, Annual Energy Trends, Industrial Sector Output


This paper examines the nexus of disaggregated energy consumption and industrial output in Pakistan. The annual time series data over the period 1990-2019 has been taken for current research. ARDL technique has been employed for empirical analysis. The results show that oil consumption, electricity consumption and gas consumption are positively and significantly connected with the industrial output in long run. Similarly, trade openness, labour and capital also have the same association with the industrial output and have significant outcomes in the long run. The results of Granger causality show that there exists a unidirectional causality from electricity consumption to industrial output. The study concludes that oil, gas and electricity are contributing a large share in industrial growth so that it would be made an effort to install the plants relevant with these energy sources to meet the affordable demand in the industry sector.

Author Biographies

Muhammad Umair, Emerson University Multan

Department of Economics



Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh,   Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan


              Associate professor

              School of Economics



Kashif Saeed            ,  The Islamia university of Bahawalpur

  Assistant professor

 Department of Accounting and Finance







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Muhammad Umair, Muhammad Ramzan Sheikh, & Kashif Saeed            . (2021). A Historical and Econometric Analysis of Energy Consumption and Industrial Output in Pakistan (1990-2019). PERENNIAL JOURNAL OF HISTORY, 2(2), 353-382. https://doi.org/10.52700/pjh.v2i2.79