Mentoring As Component of Continuous Professional Development Program: A Case Study of Multan District


  • Amna saleem The Women University, Multan


mentoring and continuous professional development program.


Becoming a primary school teacher is a challenging assignment thatrequired skills and knowledge that are necessary to impact student performance. One tactic used to support primary school teachers is to assign experienced members of their profession astheir mentors. Mentor playsa significantrole inimproving teachers'professional developmentin their teaching profession.Intend outcomes of this paper wereto investigate the effectiveness of the procedures for the mentoring which are directed and organized by the regional teacher educatorsand to see its influence on the performance and dutiesof Teachers of primary school levels (PSTs) in Punjab.The extensive research study was descriptive.This study adopted the quantitative research method and utilized two research toolsquestionnaire and mentoring visit form.Outcomes of the studyexposed that the majority of the participants have a positive approach towardsan existingmentoring program. This study also provides evidence thatdue to the mentoring activities professional development of participants is enhanced. Major suggestions for the study were that mentorsshould be well trained and change their perspective towards contestants.