Exploring Ideologies in Primary English Textbook (SNC-2020): A Critical Discourse Analysis


  • Mamona Yasmin Khan The women University, Multan
  • Abida Ali The women University, Multan




language, ideology, Critical Discourse Analysis, Content analysis


This research aims to investigate the various ideologies embedded within the language of the primary English textbooks (SNC-2020) of grades (1-3). It also inquires the supportive role of these ideologies for the children in the process to get an education. This is qualitative research, the data is collected from the primary English textbooks (SNC-2020) of grades (1-3). The latent qualitative content analysis under the theoretical framework of 3D CDA Modal (Fairclough, 2001) reveal the ethical and Pakistani cultural ideologies and themes. The findings show the prominent themes are ethics in home and school, discipline attitude and good manners the children follow in the culture of Pakistan. The sophisticated and positive attitude of the children in the social, home and educational institutions reflects ethical values as the prominent feature of productive positive social being. Moreover, the critical discourse analysis of the qualitative data uncovers the different ethical and Pakistani cultural ideologies. These ideologies reflect the ethical and scheduled attitude of the children because they are shown to help the poor, share things, respect elders, be punctual and honest, keep cleanliness, does homework, save resources, play and study side by side. Consequently, this facilitates the process to get the education and the children get the idea from the textbooks to study at home along with following the ethical activities. The future researcher may explore the linguistic role of these textbooks to teach four skills of language.

Author Biographies

Mamona Yasmin Khan, The women University, Multan

Deparment of English

Abida Ali, The women University, Multan

Department of English



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Mamona Yasmin Khan, & Abida Ali. (2022). Exploring Ideologies in Primary English Textbook (SNC-2020): A Critical Discourse Analysis . PERENNIAL JOURNAL OF HISTORY, 3(1), 35-48. https://doi.org/10.52700/pjh.v3i1.99