Scope and Objective

Aims & Objectives of the Journal:

  • The journal aims to become one of the leading platforms in the field of research for new findings and discussions of all fields of Arts & Humanities
  •  To increase reserach quality and excellence in our Publications and other research activities
  • To Conduct original research related to historical and contemporary aspects 
  • To provide services to the academic world with qualty research and new knowledge
  • To assist the scholars to explore the frontiers of fields where new knowledge and understanding are being created

Scope of the publication:

Perennial Journal of History is a multi and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic research Journal serving the broad aspects in the field of Arts & Humanities. The Journal’s scope is open to theoretical, methodological, quantitative, and Qualitative scholarship from all aspects within the field of Arts & Humanities which is defined as the academic disciplines concerned with past and contemporary history and its various fields. Furthermore, this journal provided systematic study drawing upon various disciplines of Arts and Humanities as well as of Social Sciences. History can likewise allude to the scholastic control which utilizes a story to look at and break down a grouping of past occasions, and equitably focus the examples of circumstances and end results that focus them.