Impact of Shanghai Cooperation Organization on the US Interests in Central Asia


  • Muhammad Atif The University of Lahore
  • Muhammad Kashif The University of Lahore
  • Mudassar Jahangir University of Gujrat
  • Muhammad Saqib Virtual university of Pakistan



Collective Security Treaty Organization, United Nations, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, Shanghai Cooperation Organization


The US is increasingly interested in Central Asia. Yet it remains an imperiled area because that confronts numerous routine issues arising from global power and the hard enthusiasm of terrorist groups in trying to overthrow domestic authoritarian governments. Today, the interests of the USA are below contest in three defined ways. Firstly, Russia and China have established a matched movement to expel the USA’s deliberate attendance from Central Asia. Secondly, the USA has organized “color revolutions” with the title of democratic reforms to throw out those governments from a power whose interests are allied with China and Russia in the region. In the wake of the Ukraine-Russia war, Regional powers are also joining/ backing the SCO, which is the third major challenge for the US. Therefore, the USA faces concurrent and several military, political, economic, and ideological challenges to its interests. For a decade, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization has also emerged in the worldwide arena as a substitute method for consensus-building in central Asia. So far, this geopolitical discussion neglects the massive effect of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization on its main region.

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Muhammad Atif , The University of Lahore

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Muhammad Kashif, The University of Lahore

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Muhammad Saqib, Virtual university of Pakistan

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