The Known But The Unknown: Turner Road, Lahore


  • Sadia Qutub Hashmi University of the Punjab



Turner Road, Lawyer’s chambers, Physical features, Indo-Saracenic Style, Arch


The name of a place is a particular label of a geographical entity. From a literary perception names of places are a creation and outcome of society’s socio cultural history and its progress. Similarly this paper focuses on one such road, Turner Road that has been named after a renowned Justice of that time at the then called Chief Court of the Punjab (now Lahore High Court) in the Colonial period. Exasperating research has been carried out to investigate the name of that judge and analysis of Turner road and its detailed physical features has been done. The research methodology employed here is qualitative focusing on the contextual and formal analysis, based on intrinsic and extrinsic information. The significance of this road because of the buildings inhabited it, has been probed along with extensive photography and interviews with lawyers and other persona of importance to enhance the importance of this busy road. Although a small road, it is occupied with some of the most prominent buildings increasing its prominence but not much is found in official record relating to this road with specific details that were required. Results have been formulated on all the available data based on interviews and books concluding that this road has innate characteristics related to lawyer’s chambers and is still famous as wak?lon w?li sa?ak and displays a beautiful merging of eastern and western architectural traditions along with bringing contemporary and old parallel on one road. 

Author Biography

Sadia Qutub Hashmi, University of the Punjab

Research Centre, College of Art & Design



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Sadia Qutub Hashmi. (2023). The Known But The Unknown: Turner Road, Lahore. PERENNIAL JOURNAL OF HISTORY, 4(1), 119-141.