Role of Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education Department, Punjab in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


  • Zahid Nazir Khan District Education Officer (Literacy) Bahawalpur, Pakistan
  • Shazia Iqbal District Education Officer (Literacy) Sahiwal, Pakistan
  • Safdar Hussain Qaied e azam Academy for Educational Development Region Multan
  • Sajjad Ahmad visiting lecturer, Emerson University, Multan



Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department, Non Formal Basic Education Schools, Sustainable Development Goals


According to Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan, Basic Education is the right of every child and Pakistan is also signatory of Dakar Framework for Action. To achieve Education for All Goals, Government of Punjab established Literacy & Non Formal Basic Education Department (L&NFBED) in 2002, to provide basic education to drop out/ out of school children by opening Non Formal Basic Education Schools (NFBES). The purpose of the study was to identify initiatives taken by the L&NFBED for achieving SDGs, challenges regarding quality education and to suggest suitable strategies for quality education. The population was comprised on NFBES of Punjab. Multi-stage Sample was selected through Census and Convenient sampling. A questionnaire was developed to acquire quantitative and qualitative data. The obtained data was analyzed and it was found that majority of respondents viewed that before opening NFBES, base line survey is conducted, teachers are hired after interview, Centre Kit and Learner Kit is provided. Induction and cluster training for teachers is arranged. Sixty percent enrollment in NFBES is of girls and poorest segment of the society is enrolled to eliminate gender discrimination, poverty and to give equal access to free education. Midterm and promotional assessment is conducted. Low teachers honorarium, home based schools, single teacher for six classes and non provision of non formal elementary education are challenges to achieve SDGs. It was suggested that Government of Punjab should increase teacher’s honorarium, hire additional science teachers in NFBES and establish Non Formal Elementary Schools.



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Zahid Nazir Khan, Shazia Iqbal, Safdar Hussain, & Sajjad Ahmad. (2023). Role of Literacy & Non-Formal Basic Education Department, Punjab in Achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). PERENNIAL JOURNAL OF HISTORY, 4(1), 142-153.