Sir Syed Ahmad Khan’s Multifarious Activities in England


  • Naheed Anwar GGHSS APS (M) Chah Bohar wala, Multan



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Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, the British Empire surpassed all the earlier empires in territorial size, during this time period British Empire earned the illustrious title ‘the Empire which never sees a sunset’. From 1858 to 1947, known as the British Crown Raj, the entire territory encompassing India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh was under the direct rule of Britain by the Parliament working on behalf of the British Crown. During this era, a substantial number of Indians - largely professionals - went to Britain. Indian students won scholarships for pursuing higher education and vital professional qualification in the UK, subsequently entering into the established system of colonial hierarchy upon their return to India. Political activists being qualified stayed on to practice their professions in England.  Businessmen went to seek economic opportunities. In such an environment, Sir Syed Ahmad Khan decided to visit Britian. As a philosopher, activist, historiographer, thinker and educationist, he was interested in exploring and observing Britain and its culture. He was the first Muslim who intended to visit Britain just to boost up the Muslim community and indeed, his visit made history. The purpose of this article is to narrate Syed Ahmad’s social, political and literary engagements during his stay in England.

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Naheed Anwar, GGHSS APS (M) Chah Bohar wala, Multan

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