Modi’s Urge for Hindu State: A Historical Overview of Identity Doctrine


  • Isra Sarwar University of the Punjab, Lahore
  • Zubaida Zafar Virtual University, Islamabad



Modi, Kashmir, Hindu State, Hitler, doctrine


Akhant Bharat with only Hindus are the main agenda of BJP led government which formed its policies -posed as religious extremist Hindu political party- having goals of ethnic cleansing and make its land pure from non-Hindus mainly Muslims. The Hindutva doctrine followed and advocated by BJP actually “sought to define Indian culture in terms of Hindu values”. Which was opposite to Nehru’s approach and critical to secular policies but it incepted, grow and now reach a momentum where orthodox rightest Modi passed citizenship Act in which religion has been used as criteria for citizenship besides its constitutional commitment to secularism. Modi led BJP’s policies disturbs the social fabric of India as what they exactly want that non Hindu believers can only live at sufferance of Hindutva which is actually against Hindu Teachings. This study will highlight Modi Government policies that indicate his urge for Hindu state and will trace the connection between Modi’s practical approach for Hindutva with Hitler’s far-right wing working for the supremacy of his race and its influence on South Asia.

Author Biographies

Isra Sarwar, University of the Punjab, Lahore


 University of Home Economics, Lahore

Zubaida Zafar, Virtual University, Islamabad

Assistant Professor



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Isra Sarwar, & Zubaida Zafar. (2023). Modi’s Urge for Hindu State: A Historical Overview of Identity Doctrine. PERENNIAL JOURNAL OF HISTORY, 4(2), 170-188.