Influential Thoughts of Muslim Thinkers about the Education System; Imam Ghazali and Ibn-Khaldun


  • Amna Saleem International Islamic Universtiy,Islamabad
  • Huma Kausar International Islamic Universtiy,Islamabad
  • Fatima Ali The Women University, Multan
  • Sumaira Mehboob The Women University, Multan



Educational thoughts, , Muslim thinkers, Education, Education system, Imam Gazali, Ibn-Khaldun


Islam is considered divine religion. It is based on God's revelation and the sunnah of the Holy Prophet. It's a complete code of life as religion not just worship. Islam places considerable emphasis on education, as well as on beliefs and worship. It drives people to seek knowledge as a last religion. While, the first revelation highlights the significance of seeking knowledge as the first revelation word “Iqra” which means Read (Chapter Al-alaq). The main prerequisite for developing education is established in first chapter Al alaq's five ayat (Read, knowledge, and pen). The two renowned Muslim thinkers Imam Ghazali and Ibn Khuldun have passed in history, their services in the field of education provide directions to our current education system. Keeping in view the Islamic school of thoughts Imam Ghazali and Ibn Khuldun explained a comprehensive educational philosophy which they have discussed the main foundations of philosophy i.e. metaphysics, epistemology and axiology in the light of Quran and sunnah. Moreover, they have elaborated the aims of education and introduced the techniques to achieve them. As well as they clearly defined the role and responsibilities of instructors and pupils. So, this paper designates the biography and educational thoughts of Imam Ghazali and Ibne Khuldun in detail i.e., the concept of knowledge, classification of knowledge, learning stages, teaching methodology, curriculum, concept of discipline and obligations of both instructors and pupils.



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Amna Saleem, Huma Kausar, Fatima Ali, & Sumaira Mehboob. (2021). Influential Thoughts of Muslim Thinkers about the Education System; Imam Ghazali and Ibn-Khaldun. PERENNIAL JOURNAL OF HISTORY, 2(1), 17-34.