A Critical Study of the Historiography of Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al-Hakim Neshapuri


  • Sohail Akhtar Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan




Muslims, Medieval, Historiography, Al-Hakim, Neshapuri


Historiography considered and important intellectual work since the ancient Greek era. Herodotus is to be called as the father of historiography. Muslim started historiography with the writing of Quran and Hadeith. Among them one is Imam Hakim Neshapuri who is considered the marvelous intellectual and in the field of Historiography Imam Muhammad Hakim Neshapuri consider one of the most relay able Muslim Historians of the 4th century A.H. After the advent of Islam Muslims attracted to the field of historiography and gave Quran great attention to promote historical knowledge. Therefore, historiography became one the popular discipline of knowledge among the Muslims intellectuals in medieval period. Muslim Scholars worked Quran, Hadeith, Fiqah and historiography in all its aspect. Imam Muhammad Hakim Neshapuri is one of the Muslim’s intellectual who worked in the promotion of knowledge. Imam Neshapuri considered one of the authentic Muslims historians of fourth century A.H and all the later historians used his books as reference to the events of this age.  This paper is an attempt to explore historical work of Imam Hakim Neshapuri and this paper highlights the life and work of Imam Hakim Neshapuri.



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Sohail Akhtar, Ghazi University Dera Ghazi Khan

Department of History



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Akhtar, S. (2021). A Critical Study of the Historiography of Imam Abu Abdullah Muhammad Al-Hakim Neshapuri. PERENNIAL JOURNAL OF HISTORY, 2(2), 104-113. https://doi.org/10.52700/pjh.v2i2.64