The publication of a research paper in a peer-reviewed journal is an important building entity in the development of a knowledge repository. In an age of information abundance, it is very important and vital to help readers and research scholars to segregate quality information.  It is mirror reflection of the quality work of the authors and the publishers who support them. Perennial Journal of History (PJH) is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards for all involved in the act of publishing in a peer-reviewed journal: the author, the editor of the journal, the peer reviewer and the publisher. The Journals is committed to ensuring robust peer review and ethical standards in publication and quality of articles. Strict adherence to standards of ethical practices as defined by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) guidelines is expected from all like Editors, Authors, Expert Reviewers and the Publisher.  We work to educate all on understanding and delivering those standards, in partnership with others. The journal is committed to supporting stringent peer review process, scientific , ethical and quality standards in publishing and as such we work hard  to educate all concerns on understanding and meeting those standards, as a team.