Scope and Objective

Aims of the Journal:

  • It is a double-blind peer reviewed and an open access journal.
  • The objective of it is to publish quality research for the valuable readers, organizations, and policy makers.
  • The journal standards for social studies provide a framework for professional deliberation and planning about what is going on in our society.

Objectives of the Journal:

  • It may help to understand society and develop a sense of their cultural heritage
  • To develop the skills of enquiry, investigation, analysis, evaluation and presentation
  • It tries to address the facts, as every side had seen the event
  • To Conduct original research in published or unpublished primary sources
  • Interpret documents, and other forms of evidence, in their historical context.

Scope of the publication:

Perennial Journal of History is a multi and interdisciplinary peer-reviewed academic research Journal serving the broad historical aspects in the field of Arts & Humanities. The Journal’s scope is open to theoretical, methodological, quantitative, and Qualitative scholarship from all aspects within the field of Arts & Humanities which is defined as the academic disciplines concerned with history and its various fields related to politics, society, culture, and nations of the world. Furthermore, this journal provided synchronized, systematic study drawing upon such disciplines as Ancient History, Medieval History, Modern History, Epigraphy, Socio-cultural and educational History, History of Religions and ethics, Political, Administrative, and Military History, Regions and Geographical History, Archaeology, Prehistoric Periodization, Diplomatic History, Economic History, Environmental History, philosophical history, History of law and anthropology as well as appropriate content from the humanities to promote civic competence. Journal management is particularly interested to research that addresses society’s grand challenges as per Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), from social scientific historical  perspectives.